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About Ride the 9 Tour

Iwan Simonis Ride the 9 Tour (RT9) started in 2007 and is more successful than ever!
Due to the pandemic, we had to evolve from In-person to Virtual Competitions (VC). 
This was a game changer for the players and team alike. We managed to thrive since 2020 via VCs alone, coming up with creative and innovative ways of sustaining the Tour.

Upcoming Tournments


Kelly Fisher Virtual Challenge

FULL! Taking Challengers For November Now.

Battlefield-4 Tournament

Event Max

16 Players

RT9T at Daytona, FL

Event Max

32 Players

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Joann Parker


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CHK100% of any Player Auction money back to the players
Please message us at Ridethe9tour@gmail.com

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